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And What About The Searches You Do Of Your Business From Mobile Phones?

In Alberto’s visit to our program, I could not leave out this great question, because as you know, Google and other search engines are increasingly taking into account the optimization of our website for mobile devices and the use of related technology such as social wifi.
Finally, we discussed in the last part of the podcast an essential trick and at the same time elementary to implement in the face of your URL’s and descriptions of your pages, to improve SEO locally.

As you have been able to hear in the audio of the program, different aspects influence the excellent local SEO of your online project, so you may need to listen to the advice of our guest more than once and implement them all little by little. Without further ado, do not forget that I’m waiting for you next Thursday with more practical advice, guests and surprises so that we understand all the aspects that will influence you in that, in the end, you get a proper positioning of your project in the internet search results. See you next week, do not miss your appointment every Thursday with SEO!