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What Is Local Seo And What Are Its Benefits?

Among all this complicated confusion of definitions and new SEO concepts that we are learning every week in Positioning, this time I bring you another topic that you have undoubtedly heard appoint very frequently specialists and referents in the field. So, to continue with this long journey of learning through the audios of our program, today we ask ourselves the following question:

What Is Local Seo And What Are Its Main Features?

Surely you’ve ever wondered what this local SEO meant, but it had never been entirely clear to you, or they had given you real examples. Well, today we will leave any doubt … To explain and make us understand what this type of Positioning is about, we have an exceptional guest: Alberto Flores is with us, or if you prefer Captain SEO. Fortunately for all of us, our guest will make us a very easy and straightforward simile to understand real life to understand what this topic of local SEO means.

Physically, you will not have to go very far to understand with your examples of what these types of strategies are to solve the local SEO of our website. Therefore, if in addition to all this, you are attracted by the theme of geolocation, you can not miss the audio of the program, since they are two concepts that are strictly related and could not coexist without each other. If you have an online business, we will give you handy advice on the type of tasks and jobs you must do to improve the local SEO positioning of your online store.

We have tried at all times to empathize with the user who is going to visit our internet business, putting us in their place and trying to guess how the visitor who visits your page will think. We can not forget about important aspects such as Social Media since we can also integrate our social profiles into our local strategy of local positioning.